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Brenden Barraza is a freelance photographer in the Huntsville area offering imaginative imagery for the fashion, beauty, and music markets. His work includes editorial assignments as well as independent work with musicians, artists, and online personas. Brenden offers abstract photo manipulation and post production for those clients who want to be distinct from the ordinary.  

Binx Photography is based in Huntsville, AL. Brenden received his Bachelor’s in Commercial Photography from Nossi College of Art located in Nashville, TN.

Brenden's photographic abilities allow him to capture a wide range of subjects from people, product, real estate, landscapes, cars, to any other content. His technical skills range from organizing shoots, set/light design, detail-oriented editing, to delivering high quality digital images.  His photography talents range from the studio to on-location pictures with provision in studio strobes, composition, and the specific editing that each genre of photography requires. Brenden applies these skills in his personal work; this collection of work has a common theme of photo manipulation and surrealistic aesthetics. 


Brenden knows that people are social creatures; portraits are a classic way to show others a person’s personality and energy through photography. With Binx Photography, he can capture their essence with his camera. Brenden likes to build a theme for his shoots to give each one an intricate aura around them. His abilities to problem solve and provide high quality work for clients is something he prides himself in. Choosing Brenden is a reliable way of getting portraits that express their creative ideas along with giving the client a striking image of themselves. 


  Huntsville AL 35757