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I was fortunate enough to be contracted and flown to Detroit for an engagement photoshoot for my childhood best friend. These images are a portion of a very eclectic state that is Michigan during the gorgeous month of June. 
Distorted Panorama of a building in Detroit
Detroit's Art Museum
Anne Arbor Shopping Center
Same Perspective of Anne Arbor's Shopping Center with a Wide Lens
Detroit Style Pizza
Asian Market Composite
Lunch with Friends
Panorama of Detroit
Detail shot of Buildings in Detroit
Detroit Art Museum
Walking Downtown
Cafe Vibes
A Cool Day at the Lake
Suburbs in the City
A Bright Basement's Glass
Hard Workers
Anne Harbor Renovations
Sunflowers in the Summer
Pasta for Lunch
"Pop" (means Soda)
Local Restaurant Shenanigans (Composite)
  Huntsville AL 35757